Internet Marketing – Best Tools and Resources to Power Your Online Business – 10

Noel Cunningham (Ireland):

Over the years I have found a
core group of tools that I stick with
and I use all the time, simply because
they are well supported and work as

File Sharing and Storage – DropBox

I have a paid DropBox plan of about 20
bucks per month and I think it’s well
worth it as I have it installed on all
my computers.

So I have everything
backed up in the cloud and everything
is synced so if I change a file on one
computer it is also updated on the my
other one.

I used the Free Version for
a long time but I’m happy to pay for
the extra features and storage that I
get with the premium plan.

Customer Support Desk – ZenDesk

I’ve been with ZenDesk since 2012 and
it’s a fantastic Customer Support

It makes it very easy to stay
organized and make sure customers are
well looked after.

I’m lucky I’m on one
of their older legacy plans so it’s
very cheap but even their newer plans
are affordable at the entry level and I
highly recommend them.

To be continued…..


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