Internet Marketing – Best Tools and Resources to Power Your Online Business – 12

Noel Cunningham (Ireland):
Over the years I have found a
core group of tools that I stick with
and I use all the time, simply because
they are well supported and work as

ClickBank Affiliate Link Tool –
ClickBank Affiliate Master

I’ve been using CBAM a lot since I’ve
put my products on sale on ClickBank.
This is a simple software that allows
you to create Custom Affiliate Redirect
URLs for all your CB products and sell
all your products from within one CB

Because with CB you get only 1
HopLink Target URL per Account but by
using CBAM you can essentially create
as many Custom Affiliate URLs as you

Now of course this is not an exhaustive
list and there are other tools and
services I use like Skype, FB
Messenger, Cloudflare etc. but I
believe what I outline above are the
ones that are the most helpful to my

As you have read I have been using many
of these tools since 2012-13 so you
know they are quality tools and
resources that are well supported by
their creators and genuinely help me.
I tend to stay away from “shiny objects”
or products that are “here today, gone
tomorrow” and that’s why I like to stay
with my core set of tools.
At the end of the day I am running a
business so I need to be able to rely
on the software and tools I use in my
day to day work.

John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success
Product Creation Workshop

Please make time to watch this!

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