Internet Marketing – Best Tools and Resources to Power Your Online Business – 9

Noel Cunningham (Ireland):
Over the years I have found a
core group of tools that I stick with
and I use all the time, simply because
they are well supported and work as

Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping App – MindNode Pro
I like using this mind mapping app as I
have it on both my iPhone and my

Computers and everything syncs up

So if I have an idea for
something while away from work I can
create a quick mind map on my phone and
then when I go back to work it is
waiting for me on my computer.

Project Management

Project App – Asana
I use Asana daily to manage my projects
and it’s one of those tools I would not
like to lose.

I have the Free Version
and it does everything I want and more.

A really great project management app
that will keep you and your team on
track and making progress on all your
different tasks.

To be continued…..

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