Internet Marketing – Build my list, then what?

Building your list of potential
and actual buyers is a constant
requirement to survive in IM.
(It is never big enough, as we
all want to attarct more buyers.)
Randy Smith (UK) discusses
how he gains income from his list:
‘3 most popular  items in the last few months are
products I bought 
the rights to and tweaked a

little to make my own.

Yesterday, someone asked how they could keep
creating products if they run out of ideas, or
if they are an expert in just one area.

And my answer was that

once you are established,
and have your own followers
, it’s fairly easy to
grab something
quality and evergreen that you can 
buy the rights to, tweak, brand, and eventually
sell enough to show a profit.I think the lesson here is that so many people
online believe they need to constantly create
something new and unique…

When in reality – most buyers don’t really care who
created what,

– They just want something that WORKS!

Something that will help them overcome a challenge,
or save them time or money, or make a task a lot easier.

And when you think about it – all the BIG players
in retail, be it online or offline, DON’T create
everything they sell.

Many just buy from one source, then sell things on
for a profit.Even those grocery stores rely on other peoples
products, then once they’re established, they have
other people create products for them and brand them
as their own.

So if you already have those products, and fancied
having a go at promoting something you didn’t create
to see how that pans out…’

Randy knows his followers and his sales experience
helps identify what products will be
interesting to them.
He can check the product sales, before he licences
them, at JVZoo, ClickBank, Warrior+ etc.
Whilst he follows and promotes new product launches
(and is
critical of those with hype, but no benefit), his income
comes largely from ‘evergreen’ products that are proven
Keep building your list and then take advantage
of such opportunities!
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