Internet Marketing – Business with medical mask 2

These were some of the key factorsI presented
at an online conference about the
economy that awaits us (emphasis on UK,
US and Russia).

-Move online: irreversible

The move to online is irreversible. We
have seen that postal services have
been replaced by emails, texts,
messaging and Skype.

Letters will not be returning to their
earlier prominence.

Retail has been declining, in high
streets and malls, in the US and UK,
for at least 5 years.

People make less
time for shopping in stores, especially
when they can order by phone and/or

Who has time to shop during the week,
when we are working or studying? 

Those who have enjoyed working from
home will seek to prolong working

Compromises, such as working 3 days a
week in the office and 2 days at home
each week will be sought, if they are
needed to be physically in the office.

Employers can see that they could have
smaller offices and save rent. 

Working online with clients saves
travel time.

For most, it will not
eliminate visits to clients, but will
blend online and physical meetings.

Staff meetings will continue to move

The pandemic has accelerated many of
these trends by months, even years.

It has also introduced new ways of working
that will grow in the coming years.

To be continued…..

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