Internet Marketing – Can automation help you in your day-job?

Omar’s IM Clinic
I mentioned Omar and Melinda Martin’s
excellent course of 4 2-hour webinars
and recommended that you will learn a
lot about IM just from the promotional
video (no commitment to buy):
(Each evening has been at least
4 hours’ of top content!)
It finished on a high note last weekend
(all webinar sessions were recorded and
replayable on demand).
The session was about scaling up and
At first glance, this was more advanced
than the other three sessions, as Omar and
Melinda have 8 staff.
However, they reviewed their operation
and explained that they can operate
successfully with
employees in Philippines
and Thailand from their Florida base
There were reviews of 10 or so products
that they use, which you may be able to
use in your (day-job) business
environment to improve performance
and to allow you more time for IM.
Click here:
The other 3 sessions, include both
discussion and hands-on practical
guides on how to maximise results from
your work.
John Thornhill, my mentor has written
Simple Traffic Solutions, a best seller
on the topic.
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