Internet Marketing – can I help you get clients?

Monica Shah
“How do I say what I do in a way that
makes people want to work with me?”

So, here’s what I suggest you do:

Make sure you solve a
“wake-up-in-the-morning” problem
your clients.

What is a “wake-up” problem? It is a
core problem your client thinks about
first thing in the morning.

problems are the ones they most want
solved—the ones they would be willing
to pay just about anything to resolve.

Here are a few core problems:

I need to lose weight
I need to find a relationship
I need more money
I need a new job
I need to get more organized
I need to find more time
I need to stop being anxious
I need to stop my body from hurting
here X

You see, your potential clients don’t
actually care what you do (your

What they care about is the problem you
are going to solve for them.

And if you
can convince them that you will solve
this problem for good—then they will be
happy to pay you lots of money.

This makes sense, right? Because you
could help people lose weight in at
least five different ways:as an acupuncturist
a chiropractor
a hypnotherapist
a personal trainer
a weight loss coach

Your job is to convince them that you
are the one that can provide them with
the result they are looking for.

They do want to know how you are going
to help them lose weight, for
example—but only after they are
convinced that you are going to help
them lose weight.

So instead of answering the question,
“What do you do?” with: I am a _______.
(Fill in the blank: acupuncturist,
nutritionist, copywriter, coach, etc.)……

Answer the question this way:

I help ____________(target market)
achieve this

e.g. “I help people lose weight with a
balanced approach that doesn’t use
restrictive diets.”

You can also use the problem approach:

I help ___________(target market) who
are struggling with
_______________(problem) to achieve
this ___________________(result).

e.g. “I help entrepreneurs, who are
struggling to lose weight because they
are so busy with their businesses, find
time to get healthy, and fit into their
skinny clothes again, while still
rocking it in their businesses.”

Then when they say, “Great, I need to
lose some weight, tell me more,” you
can tell them what you do and how you
do it.

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