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Cindy Bidar (US) is retiring all of her
existing courses and checklists. 

each deal is available only for 24 hours!

After midnight Eastern (US time),on the dates specified, 
the price will revert back to the
regular price.

I hope that you can find a bargain, or two! 

•    October 8: Perpetual Profit Machine
(video training) – Sale price $18.50

Build a list. Build a list. Build a list!

How many times have you heard that
advice? And don’t get me wrong, it’s
GOOD advice. But it’s not the end.

Just getting subscribers is not the end
goal. Making money is. 
And that’s where it gets tricky. How do
you convert those subscribers into

Because let’s face it, if your
not making money on your email list,
then it’s not an asset, it’s a

Even successful business owners can
make some costly mistakes, such as…
•    Leaving prime (and hugely profitable)
offer spaces unused.
•    Not paying attention to their most
powerful, most read emails, and wasting
that space with unrelated, irrelevant,
and unprofitable content.
•    Failing to take advantage of the easy
tech tools that can drive average sale
amounts up by 30% or more.
•    Ignoring the psychological triggers
all humans respond to that can
dramatically improve conversion rates.
•    Inviting new subscribers to veer away
from the desired path and into
uncharted territory from which they are
unlikely to return.

Does any of that sound familiar? If I’m
honest, much of it hits home for me,

That’s why I’m excited to share
Perpetual Profit Machine with you

Inside this step-by-step
training course, Cindy Bidar is going
to walk you through creating a free
funnel that doesn’t simply fill your
list with subscribers, but actually
earns a tidy profit in a variety of
ways, too.

This course was originally created for
Cindy’s Six-Figure Systems members.

Here’s everything that’s inside:
•    Video training to dig deep into the
whys and hows of profitable email
funnels, so you’ll not only have the
tools to get it done, you’ll have a
clear understanding of how those tools
work to increase your profits and
reduce your workload. 
•    Comprehensive checklists detailing
every step of the process, so nothing
is left to chance, and you never have
to worry if you’ve missed an important
piece of the puzzle.
•    Fill-in-the-blank templates to make
it even easier for you to create all
those important marketing pieces (no
more “I hate to write” excuses!). From
landing pages to relationship-building
emails, you’ll always have a proven,
copy & paste guide to follow. 
•    Pre-built, custom Trello boards with
all the checklists, templates and
instructions organized for you. All you
have to do is copy into your own
account for an instant project plan you
can easily work from or outsource. 

Seriously, that Trello board project
planner alone is worth the tiny price
for this course

October 9: Opt-In Funnel Follow Ups
(email templates)- Sale price $18.50

When someone opts in to your mailing
list, what do you send them? I’m always
a little disappointed when I subscribe
to a list, and the very first email I
receive is no more than a couple of
lines and a “hey, here’s your link.”

And then… crickets. Nothing. No
further contact except the occasional
email blast.

It’s frustrating to me, as thesubscriber, because I want to know more
about them and what they have to offer.

I’m actively looking for additional
emails from them, and when that doesn’t
happen, I’m left wondering if they’ve
given up on the project or maybe even
gone out of business.

A simple follow-up sequence would make
all the difference. I’d be able to find
out more about the business owner, I’d
know if they had a Facebook group or
other community to join, and most
importantly, I’d know more about the
products they sell and if they’re right
for me.

If your follow-up sequence is looking a
little bare–maybe because you just
don’t know what to write, or you
haven’t had time, or you’re worried
about being too pushy–I have a copy &
paste solution for you.

This bundle of done-for-you email
templates makes it super easy for you
to build better relationships with your
subscribers and make more money on the
back end, too. All you have to do is
fill in the blanks to match your
business and offers. So easy!

Here’s all the done-for-you email
templates inside:
•    The “Thank You for Downloading”
Email: Show your appreciation for your
new subscriber by offering your genuine
thanks… and by sharing exactly what
he or she needs next for even more
•    The “Get to Know Me” Email: A little
transparency and a personal story or
two will go a long way toward building
that oh-so-important “know, like, and
trust” factor that encourages people to
buy. This email makes it easy for you
to share your story.
•    The “Grab This While You Still Can”
Email: Limited-time offers reward
action takers, and this email ensures
they won’t miss out. As a welcome
email, it’s a top performer that
converts well. 
•    The “Consumption” Email: The last
thing you want is for your freebie to
sit on a virtual shelf collecting
digital dust. Encourage your
subscribers to read and take action
with this enticing email. 
•    The “Make an Offer” Email: It’s
really ok to send a straight-up sales
email, but if you’re feeling stuck or
intimidated about that, this email
template makes it easy to copy, paste,
and profit.  
•    The “Tell Me About You” Email: Want
to know exactly what your ideal client
wants and needs most from you? Just
ask. This email template offers up an
easy format and provides a great option
for making money on your survey, too.  
•    The “Free Resources” Email: Show some
love for your subscribers while moving
them one step closer to paying you when
you share more free resources. Choose
the best option for delivery (I’ve
included two options with pros and cons
for you) and just follow the email
template for great results.  
•    The “Last Chance Reminder” Email:
Great offers don’t last forever, so
take this opportunity to remind your
subscribers that they’re about to miss
out. This email is compelling without
being pushy, and is designed to get
your subscribers off the fence and onto
your “buyers” list. 
•    The “Downsell” Email: Just because
they didn’t take advantage of your
offer doesn’t mean they’ll never buy.
Use this email to offer a “downsell”
product that may be a better fit.  
Go here to get this one before it’s
gone forever.

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