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Cindy Bidar (US) is retiring all of her
existing courses and checklists. 

each deal is available only for 24 hours!

After midnight Eastern (US time),on the dates specified, 
the price will revert back to the
regular price.

I hope that you can find a bargain, or two! 

•    October 14: Webinars for the Rest of
Us (checklists) – Sale price $13.50
Have you ever hosted a webinar?They can be very intimidating. 
Not only are you live (even if you’re
not on camera) – which can be pretty
intimidating – but there’s also a ton
of moving pieces to keep track of. You
have to:
•    Set up the funnel with an opt-in and
a thank you page and somehow get the
access details to those who sign up.•    Create the event itself inside your
webinar platform.
•    Create the replay page and the follow
up emails that give your subscribers
that link. 
•    Craft emails that will encourage
people to actually show up live
(because let’s face it, few people will
watch the replay). 

And we haven’t even talked about
creating the slide deck, and what to
include on that, and which tools to
use, and so much more. 

It’s all pretty overwhelming – unless
you have a plan to follow. 
Inside Webinars for the Rest of Us,
Cindy Bidar is sharing her step-by-step
webinar setup (the same one she’s used
hundreds of times for her own business
and her clients) that’s going to make
it easy for you to go from “I want to
host a webinar” to “my webinar was a
massive success!”

Go here to get the complete training
and save 50% (today only) too!

Here’s what’s included inside Webinars
for the Rest of Us
•    1 PowerPoint webinar template to make
      creating your presentation fast, easy,
     and stress-free
•    3 email invitation templates to fill
     your virtual seats with eager attendees

•    4 email reminder templates to keep
     the excitement high
•    7 systems checklists to make setting
     up all the bits and pieces quick and
•    3 planning worksheets to help you get
     the best results from all your webinars
   PLUS – she’s even including video
training and done-for-you Trello boards
to make planning and hosting your first
(or next) webinar a BREEZE. 
•    But it’s only available today, so if
webinars are on your to-do list, be
sure to grab this training while you
still can.
Go here to add Webinars for
the Rest of Us to your marketing
library for just $13.50 (no promo code
Webinars for the Rest of
Us (checklists) – Sale price $13.50

  • October 15: Member Sites Made Easy (checklists) – Sale price $13.50
  • The life of a small business ownersounds great doesn’t it? Your commutetakes just seconds, every day is casual
  • Friday, and you get to decide who you
  • want to work with (and who you don’t).
  • And mostly it is pretty awesome.
  • But there’s also the fact that for most
  • of us, when we stop working, the money
  • stops coming in. That’s the
  • not-so-amazing side of small business
  • ownership.
  • There’s a few ways to fix that, suchas:
  • Selling products instead of time. This is the fastest path to breaking the dollars for hours cycle, and it allows you to serve a larger audience as well.
  • Setting up some “passive” income streams. And by passive, I’m talking about things like affiliate commissions earned from blog posts, product sales made through automated funnels, andincome earned through pay-per-click ads. This takes longer to build, butthe rewards can be amazing.
  • Hiring a team of subcontractors. This is especially appealing to freelancers and service providers. Instead of doing all the work yourself, you pass it onto your team.

  • You both get paid, and you spend less time working. At least
  • in theory. 🙂
  • One of the very best options though, is membership sites. They’re a beautiful combo of products and passive income,because they include a recurring payment element that helps to smooth out the cash flow even when you’re not working.
  • Cindy Bidar has worked with dozens of clients to build their memberships, and she’s created and grown my own, and now she’s packaged up everything she knows about starting, promoting, and managing a member site in one bundle.
  • It includes tools to help you decide what type of membership to start, what software to use, and what content to share. Plus, she added email templates to onboard new members, ideas for keeping engagement (and retention)high, and a setup checklist to ensure you don’t miss anything.
  • If you’ve been thinking about starting a member site – or if you already have one and you want to improve it – then be sure to snap this package up today,because until midnight tonight, it’s 50% off. After that, it’s gone forever.
    Go here to get Member Sites Made Easyfor just $13.50 (no promo coderequired).

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