Internet Marketing – Clients are clueless about your price -2

Mark Wickersham (UK)
How your clients know nothing about
price – 2
The Power of Price Psychology
Did you know your clients are
absolutely clueless about price?

For many of those sensory
judgements there is an objective
measurement system – a scientific scale
– in place. With price it’s subjective.

There is no science.

There are no absolutes.

There’s no reason an iPod is the price
it is.

And when you recognise that then you
realise that your clients don’t know
the price of anything too.

So, when they don’t know what a

tax return price should be, for example,

then they judge
instead on comparisons.  They look to
other things to tell them if it’s the
right price for them.

And that opens up huge doors for you –
as a pricer, an entrepreneur, a
business owner.

You can suddenly
embrace so many techniques in the world
of price psychology and behavioural
economics that will help you create the
right comparisons.

And that will help your clients see
your price as being a fair price.

If price psychology fascinates you as
much as it does me, and you know
that it will increase your income,
then watch
my online video training programme,
The Power of Price Psychology
In case you missed this:
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