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Mark Wickersham (UK):
The Value Pricing System

Fast forward twenty years or so and
accounts production software means that
abbreviated accounts are simple.  

They are produced by the touch of a button
on a computer.  They take no time
They are a by-product. 

And so, in the last ten or fifteen
years or so people have started giving
them away for free.

But some things never change…..
And yet that misses one essential fact.

The value to the customer of filing a
briefer set of accounts on public
record hasn’t changed.

So if their value hasn’t changed why
are we giving it away for free?

It makes no sense.
It’s the same thing about the cloud
accounting revolution.  Systems such as
QBO means that data processing time is
reducing rapidly.  

Indeed, it’s
predicted that all too soon 96% or more
of what accountants and bookkeepers do
will be automated.  

The signs are already there.

Bank feeds and external
apps such as Receipt Bank already

They are all automation tools
that are reducing data processing.

And so the time spent bookkeeping is

In fact it’s crashing.

So does that mean we also give it away
for free?
Of course not.  The value hasn’t changed.

And so we should price on value.  
And we should use technology to make us
more efficient – not to give away
everything we’ve always done
historically for free.

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