Internet Marketing – Damaging your business?

I find most IM people that I contact to
be friendly and helpful. We rely on
each other to accelerate profits.
There are three main elements in IM:
1. Find an audience and identify its
2. Contact that audience.
3. Source products that will solve
those problems.  
Product creators have the products
and want an audience.
Affiliates know the audience and
want the products. Creators and affiliates
need and help each other.
As the products cost almost nothing to
produce (once the first copy has been
finished), commissions are normally
50% of the sale price (net of discounts).
There is a steady flow of new products.
Many help the IM practitioner to
improve his/her operations, quicker,
cheaper and/or with less paid
technical help
For newbies, there are many offers to
kickstart their operations, which
increases optimism.
Trust in internet sales is increasing
everywhere. Sales of physical books
and music records are increasing,
but electronic books and music
rise too.
Many private issues are not counted.
This positive picture should not let us
forget that there are some people who
present problems.
This last week saw dramatic
attacks on the internet and its
users, with ‘ransomware’ locking
people’s databases.
It reminds everybody to have
professional site hosting
with guaranteed backups.
This example is from a media
company, rather than from IM,
but reminds us that some in the
business world may not
behave ethically.
It appears childish, but can
damage a business.
‘Today we would like to give you an
insight into youtube trolls and how to
handle them.
We have a very specific youtube troll
who spends a LOT of time and effort
into trying to tarnish our brand.
This person creates dozens of
different email accounts to dislike
and create negative comments.
We know exactly whoit is; just a
jealous competitor -we know
because we will ban him from LIVE
chats and a new user will pick up right
where he left off a minute or so later.
Any advice would be greatly
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