Internet Marketing –Deadliest Startup Sins – 1


Whether your venture is a new pizza
parlor or the hottest new software
product, beware: These  flawed
assumptions are toxic.
1.Assuming you know what the customer
First and deadliest of all is a
founder’s unwavering belief that he or
she understands who the customers will
be, what they need, and how to sell it
to them.
Any dispassionate observer
would recognize that on Day One, a
startup has no customers, and unless
the founder is a true domain expert, he
or she can only guess about the
customer, problem, and business model.
On Day One, a startup is a faith-based
initiative built on guesses.
To succeed, founders need to turn these
guesses into facts as soon as possible
by getting out of the building, asking
customers if the hypotheses are
correct, and quickly changing those
that are wrong.
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