Internet Marketing – Define your PERFECT prospect

Clear Your Cookies!
I was having trouble bringing up some
websites, including JVZoo. I realized
that I had not cleared my cookies for
at least 6 months. I download material
most days.
I remembered that John Thornhill, my
mentor, always instructs you to clear your
cookies before downloading bonuses,
to avoid losing any.
John has launched
Digital Profit Master showing
you how to create the perfect
information products:
Click here:
So, I cleared the cookies in a couple
of minutes
and have been able to access sites
without further problems.
Define your PERFECT prospect
Devon Brown runs the Web Copy Cat
‘done-for-you’ service that you can
join for $1,
though you have to
contribute the traffic.
Click here:
He has provided a video: ‘this makes me
about $1,400 in profit for every hour I
spend on the phone (and has for
years).’ The  first step for sales
Define your PERFECT prospect (your
You are going to solve a problem to
make a sale.
His example was weight gain products
and services for young men.
We all want the whole world to buy our
products, but most of us
will have to accept fewer clients.
His focus here is young men, wanting to
gain weight.
A product for men and women might be
successful, but need
additional formulation and testing.
For many other people, gaining weight
is of zero interest.
He did not explain why young men. It
may have been that youngsters are more
concerned than others (who may have
learned to stop worrying).
Maybe, it was an age group he
understood and to who he related,
as he had the same problem.
Solving the problem is the key to
wanting a clearly-defined prospect.
Many pregnant women and young mothers
have experienced problems,
solved them and monetized their
solutions to pregnant women and those
with young children.
Men and women currently
outside this group may never
experience the problem and be
indifferent to it.
In IM, most new products will resolve
issues facing newbies and those at the
bottom of the ladder.
There are more of
them than IM expert gurus, so
they provide a larger market.
Most newbies want to accelerate their
progress and minimize paid technical
There is another starter’s market: that
for ‘no site, no product, no list’
products. Products that attract them
are the ‘$100 per day’ group that cost
$9 – $19, plus upsells.
If you have solved your own problems,
with or without help, there is probably
a number of people like who would pay
for your solution.
Devon’s video
Click here:
Accelerated learning
I came to IM through my long interest
in accelerated learning
techniques. ‘Investing in yourself is
the best investment you can ever make’
has been very true for me
I use a number of techniques in my training
courses and in my day job: teaching.
Learning IM and being based in Russia
have dramatically increased my learning
One product I bought is
5 Minute Learning Machine
Click here:
You Can Quickly And Easily Double Your
Reading Speed, Develop A Tape Recorder
Memory, Breeze Through Any Test,
Develop Total Concentration, Skyrocket
Your Power To Handle Figures And Read A
Speakers Thoughts… All Without Deep
I suggest that you review it by:
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What have you to lose? Having taught in
the UK and Russian university systems,
I can certainly identify where new
techniques have dramatically improved
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Thank you.

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