Internet Marketing – Do not pay for an air ticket!

This week, I received an offer to give
a week’s course in Ethiopia, from a
company that was new to me.
We agreed the course contents and I
contacted some colleagues to find
the market rate.
I sent the amount I required as fees
and stated that expenses
(airfare, visa, hotel, meals, taxis)
would be paid by the local company.
The reply was a reduction in fees and
I would pay expenses from my fees.
I just said NO.
I calculated the expenses as at least
$3.500. I would pay these, then wait
for my fees.
I never pay for an airticket for such
If the date changes, and a
new ticket is needed, it is not my
If I arrive, and the local company
is bankrupt, or the course is
cancelled, I would have lost my fees,
but not the cost of my airfare.
Generally, I have been paid promptly
for this sort of work.
However, I minimize my risk: the
company pays for the hotel, and
any other local expenses, not me.
Chasing people internationally (or even
nationally) for money is annoying
when the work has been done (IM work or
any other).
I have been happy to work in many
countries and am ready to visit more,
but I am not going to risk
my own money to do so.
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