Internet Marketing- Do You Always Review Your Prices Every Year? – 1

Having not increased my prices, in three years,

for my major client, I realised that this is essential.
I increased my prices by 7%, with no reaction from

my client and have increased them

every year since,again without any problem.

Mark Wickersham:The Value Pricing System
I recently ran a survey asking 2683
accounting professionals what they
charge for their bookkeeping services.

The participants predominantly
consisted of accountants both qualified
and unqualified, and bookkeepers both
certified and non-credentialed.

I wanted to know how they were pricing
their bookkeeping services, but also
how much they were charging.

One of the questions I asked in the
survey was…

“Do you review your prices for every
client at least every single year?”

The answer to that should be
overwhelmingly YES. We absolutely
should be increasing our prices every
single year, for 3 key reasons…

InflationPrices change every year, they always
go up because of inflation. Your prices
should increase every year as well –

your clients expect this.YOU Change

It could even be that you change.
Over the years your experience will
grow, you may go to conferences and
events to learn more skills and more
efficient ways to help your clients.

If you think back to when you first
started your business, the service you
offer today will surely be much more
valuable than when you first started.

In the future, your service will surely
keep on improving and increasing in

Your prices should reflect that.

It’s essential that you review your
prices at least once per year.

The Value Pricing System
To be continued…

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