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Mark Wickersham (UK):
The Value Pricing System
Why you should bundle in the cost of
QuickBooks Online

Do you charge clients for QBO?

You shouldn’t!

One solution is always more tempting

It’s exactly the same when you talk to
clients about doing their bookkeeping
or setting them up on the cloud.

If they have to subscribe to the software
separately, they have to make two
different decisions.

“Should I buy the
solution from this accountant or
And then “What about the
cost of the software? I’m not sure I
can justify it.”

That’s why I’d strongly suggest you
always take that decision away from

Offer them one overall solution.

Although people (accountants

selling the service) sometimes say,
“But that means I’ve got to pay for the
software myself”,
my response is always,”Yes, but its cost is tiny
compared to the cost of your accounting
and bookkeeping services.”

It’s such a
small component of the total price that
it pays to make life easier for clients. 
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How to build a successful bookkeeping
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Grab them NOW and claim the true income
that you earn!

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services more profitably!
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NEW programme from  the MASTER!(More of Mark!)Better pricing = higher profits 
If you have a service business, you can
earn much more from this series.

Also, Mark runs a programme called
Price Consulting, and he teaches 
accountants/bookkeepers how to help
their customers with their pricing. 

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