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John Thornhill, my mentor:

How I Hit $1 Million on JVZoo
That’s the figure I now see when I log
into my JVZoo account.
Not bad for a guy who left school
with very few qualifications, and
who ended up employed as a
human robot in a car plant.
I now live a life I used to dream
I don’t have a boss telling me
what to do, I don’t wake up to an
alarm, and I take at least 6 vacations
a year.
In fact, if you ask anyone who knows
how I operate my business they will
tell you I’m lazy.
I’m not, I just know how to work smart
and let my business run itself.
However, to get here wasn’t easy. I
made a ton of mistakes along the way,
some BIG mistakes.
But you know what?
I never gave up.
It took me 7 years of blood, sweat and
tears to put myself in a position to
quit my job.
7 years…
That’s a long time.
If I knew then what I know now it
would have probably taken me
about 7 months.
And this is where you benefit.
Because I’m going to share all of the
mistakes I’ve made, along with all the
success I’ve achieved,
then you can go
away with a step by step plan
that can be used to
get the results you want.
It’s happening on my
webinar where I’ll reveal all I know.
The good, the bad and the ugly.
It’s an evergreen webinar so you can
register at a time to suit you.
Here’s the link you need.
Here is a page of information
about John Thornhill’s
invite-only webinar
and the link to watch it.

and watch the webinar

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Michael Cheney!

‘Do NOT buy 7-Figure Franchise…
(Is he retreating? Tactical move?)
Yes I said do NOT buy it;
Do NOT buy 7-Figure Franchise if you’re
the sort of person who likes to
re-invent things for the sake of it.
Do NOT buy 7-Figure Franchise if you
can’t follow simple instructions and
steps (which make you money fast by the
Do NOT buy 7-Figure Franchise if you’re
not serious about building a
money-making business online.
Do NOT buy 7-Figure Franchise if you’re
looking to make an extra $500 a month
This will make you an extra $500
per WEEK if you copy and paste it in
the right way (guide and direct access
to me inside)
Still here?
Grab it here now;’
Michael Cheney‘s 7-Figure Franchise 
(The Complete Michey Cheney!)
Jump start your IM business with the
complete works of
a leading UK internet marketer
with a global reputation:
This is the best compilation of his
work and the only external course
material John Thornhill endorses on
his excellent Partnership To Success
program (on which I am privileged
to be a student).
It will make you serious money.
Check it out here: 7-Figure Franchise
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Please have a look at my bonuses,
which I have sourced to complement
Michael’s top product.
He gives you all his tools that support
his $million IM business.
You can use them to kickstart and
build you business, even if you are
just starting. Full training is given.
7-Figure Franchise + my bonuses
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Are you serious about IM?
Please have a look at one, or both, of
the following webinars to see the experts:
Dean Holland
This free video gives you the chance to
learn from the master.
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Devon Brown runs the Web Copy Cat
‘done-for-you’ service that you can
join for $1, though you have to
contribute the traffic.
Web Copy Cat
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From yesterday, in case you missed it
John Thornhill’s
Product Creation Workshop
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is a recording of the complete building
of products from nothing over
eight one-hour videos .
It complements his longer one-year
course, adding more than enough
value for me to buy both courses
It is currently at 90% discount.
I have assembled a $1,750 bonus
package for you if you buy 
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My guest post on 3 top IM blogs: 

Scams and Limited Markets

John Thornhill, Dave Nicholson and 
Michael Cheney:
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this letter at
Thank you.

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