Internet Marketing – Do you want to phone a friend?

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Ask you friend:
Are You Prepared to Work Hard?

Making it in this game involves a great
deal of hard work.

Now I am not saying
you need to work 80 hours per week but
you do need to be prepared to put in
around 5 hours per week and
occasionally as many as 20 hours per

So if you’re someone who has no
time to spare or would rather watch TV
or browse the internet rather than work
online, this program is definitely not
for you.

Are You Patient?

This is a 12 month course, that’s a
long time. I have devised this course
in such a way so no one gets left

So if you are looking for a
‘get rich quick’ scheme this course is
not for you.

Are You Dedicated?

This is the most important quality you
need to have.

As an example when you
get to week 18 and you have spent 17
long weeks working hard do you have
what it takes to keep it going?

Let me
tell you now most people don’t so if
you’re not dedicated please don’t waste
your time and money and don’t apply.

Do You Have a Burning Desire to

It is said every successful online
marketer shares this one quality and I
believe that to be 100% true.
If you have always had a burning desireto succeed then this program is definitely for you.

Are You an Honest Person Willing to
Help Others?

I strongly believe this is the number
one reason for my success. If you are
attracted to this business to make a
fast buck at your customers expense
please don’t apply as I only want to
work with honest people.

If your friend says yes, you are,

then grab this offer before it disappears


John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success
was promoted with trial period.It is now an evergreen offer, but is nowjust $1 (yes, just $1!) until Sunday.

And invite your friend!

(I have been just renewed my membershipfor the next 5 years!)
Upgrade your life and income!


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