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Brighten up your day with these super photos:
Toni Nelson:
You want great photos to captivate your

Your blog posts lack luster and need
photos to make them pop.
You would love a fresh supply of photos
that not everyone and their brother is

You are spending too much time and
energy finding photos that won’t get
you sued, then finding quotes to place
on those photos to post on social

Having access to photos you can easily
pick and choose from as well as done
for you quote posters would make your
life easier and free up your time to
spend on other money making areas of
your business.  Talk about a dream come

If so this message is for you.

Hello, I’m Toni Nelson, My husband Tom
and I are Award Winning Photographers,
Videographers and Online Marketers.

Our photography has been featured in
such places as DIY Bride, Kiss My Tule,
The Florida Wedding Atlas.

We’ve worked with a number of Chambers
of Commerce and business owners all
over the world providing photography
and videography services.

Fresh, new photos can be hard to come
by.  Let’s face it everyone is going to
the same free sites and using the same
photos over and over again. 

That doesn’t help you stand out from
your competitors.  Not only that but
you have to make sure you can legally
use the photos you are downloading.

One day as I was working on my
Instagram account I realized how hard
it was for the every day business owner
to go out and find fabulous photos to
use. You know the kind that get people
liking, sharing and commenting.

I wanted to find a way to help.
That’s why I decided to open up our
private photography vault and offer one
of a kind photos that you can’t
purchase from anyone else on the web. 

Fresh, new photos at last! 
But then I decided why stop there.  Why
not also offer you a Done For You
Social Media Solution for posting on
social media?  

I do all the work and and all you have
to do is put your website or logo on
the photos and you have a social media
presence like never before!

P.S. Remember that you don’t get a
2nd chance to make a first

Make a great first
impression with this collection of
images for the best price ever.

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