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You and your friends can use this
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Over 53% of ALL emails are now opened
on mobile device
s, so
if your emails
are not optimized for mobile devices,
then you’re
missing out BIG TIME and at risk!
WordWrap is a wonderfully simple FREE
tool that allows you to wrap your text
so that your emails can be viewed on
mobile devices correctly.
Simply enter your long, unformatted
text in the field and click on the
‘Word-Wrap My Text’ button to get
perfectly formatted text for your
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You and your friends can use this FREE
as often as you like!
This is a John Thornhill and Dave
product, so you know it is
They have kindly agreed that I can
let you use it FREE.
Check this email you are reading.
The main text uses 
The notes at the end do not use
Omar Martin’s IM Clinic
In the Clinic, Omar agrees that this
issue is serious, discusses it at length,
claiming that
more than 70% of emails are
opened on Mobiles.
You will learn a lot about IM just
from the promotional
video (no commitment to buy):
(Each evening has been at least
4 hours’ of top content!)
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