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John Thornhill (UK):
It doesn’t matter what you’re selling.
It doesn’t matter what your niche is.
If you’re not building a responsive
list, then you’re leaving so much money
on the table.

But check out the keyword above:

Plenty of marketers can build huge
lists all day long. Then they boast
about those numbers as if they expect
someone to give them a trophy.

Forget about the size of the list – ask
these marketers about some real
numbers. I’m talking conversion rates.
Profits. Opens. Click throughs. Etc.

Ask for real numbers and all you get is
the deafening sound of silence, because
the average marketer has no idea how to
turn a list of warm bodies into money
in the bank.

Don’t be that guy (or gal). Don’t be
the one who can’t get a mailing list
off the ground. Don’t be the marketer
with a big list and a tiny bank
Instead, check this out:

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