Internet Marketing – EXACTLY What Your Clients Want – 1

4 Magic & Foolproof Ways To Find out
EXACTLY What Your Clients Want (And Are
Willing To Pay For)

Bill Baren (US)
What would it be like if every time you
created a new offering, your clients
immediately said “yes, that’s something
I want to pay for”?

Imagine that when you create a new
event, information product, coaching
package, training program, book,
webinar, etc – you immediately had high
I want to show you the
first essential step you need to take:

Find out the #1 thing your client

I’ll give you an example from my world.
After I created my best-selling program
Master of Enrollment, I simply asked my
clients what they wanted next. (I’ll
show you exactly how to ask in a

I found out they wanted to
learn how to do teleseminars with the
same results that I’d been getting, so
I created a new program called
Teleseminar Enrollment System. That led
to a $250,000 launch in the first two

So, your main job in your business is
to uncover what is your client’s most
burning desire or most challenging
problem, and then provide them with
your solution.

This could be a game changer for your
business if you haven’t already done

Below I will show you FOUR specific and
effective methods you can use to find
out exactly what your clients want.
This is as close as possible to a
copy-and-paste, find out what your
clients want formula you will find.

Method #1 : Survey your list
One really fast method I love to use is
the one-question online survey.

The question I typically use is “What’s
your biggest challenge with X?”, where
X is field that you work in (such as
business, health, etc).

Why just one question? It’s because
sometimes the thing that stops you from
doing a survey all the time it takes to
think up a lot of survey questions. So
let’s keep it simple and boil it down
to one question.

If you want to see an example of it in
action then click on this link and take
my one question survey.
You will notice that I chose a broad
open-ended question versus a multiple
choice question. I find it really
helpful to see the exact language my
audience uses.

When you read through a bunch of survey
answers, you’ll immediately see
patterns. The answers that show up
frequently are the items your audience
is the most interested in.

This is the fastest way I know of to
find out what my audience wants.

Here’s my assignment to you:
1.    Formulate your one broad and open
ended question around your area of
expertise. For example: “What’s your
biggest challenge with your business?”

2.    Create an online survey using

3.    Send a link to your survey out to
your list, Facebook friends or members
of a community you’re a part of. Be
sure to send a warm and friendly email,
explaining that you’re wanting to
better understand the needs of your

4.    Invest 20-30 minutes of your time to
review the answers and pick out the top
2-5 themes

5.    Create a teleseminar (or other form
of education-based marketing) on your
favorite of these topics, and then
offer your services as a solution

I recommend SurveyMonkey because you do
most of the surveys you need with the
free version.
We’ve used that service
for years, but there are plenty of
other options too.

Here’s an example of a real survey we
sent to our clients:

What is your biggest challenge gettinghigh-paying clients?
It’s a simple, direct and took about 5
minutes to create. This survey yielded
141 responses, and gave us HUGE
insights on what services we could
offer next that our audience would love
to have.

And if you don’t have a list, don’t
worry, you can take your one question
survey to a networking event and simply
ask people you meet live. 

To be continued…

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