Internet Marketing – EXACTLY What Your Clients Want -4

4 Magic & Foolproof Ways To Find out
EXACTLY What Your Clients Want (And Are
Willing To Pay For)

Bill Baren (US)
I want to show you the
first essential step you need to take:

Find out the #1 thing your client

Method #4: Find Industry Best Practices
Using Google

Another simple and elegant research
possibility for getting into your
client’s head is to use our old friend

The idea here is to review the
client needs that other practitioners
in your industry have already

Here’s a step by step tutorial :

1. Do a Google search for the type of
practitioner your clients would be
searching for.  

For example, let’s use
the example of an executive coach
again. In this case, I did a Google
search for “executive coach

2. Open the websites of the first 5
executive coaches that you find.

3. Quickly scan the home pages of these
5 websites, and write down the main
topics or headlines.

4. When you browse through 5 different
websites, you’ll notice that most of
the sites offer the same services or
address the same pain points.

5. Boil down the messages you’re seeing
into the 5 most common items
For example, for executive coaches,
here’s what I found:
* “strategic vision and planning”
* ”leadership development”
* “career advancement”
* “improving team performance”
* “becoming an influential

6. These are all hot topics that
potential clients of an executive coach
would really respond to!

So now, based on some brief internet
research, you know have 5 of the most
important topics that people in your
audience care about, in the opinion of
top experts in your field.

If you launch webinar, teleclass,
public talk, book, training program,
coaching package, etc on any of these
topics, you’ll have a hit on your

Final thoughts
Here are 3 additional important points
to consider on your quest to deeply
understanding what your clients want:

* Once you’ve found 5 things that your
clients care about, you can narrow it
down to the one thing that they want
the most or that you’re the most
passionate about.

* When you find #1 thing your clients
want, it doesn’t have to be unique.
Just because someone else does what you
do, you have a unique perspective you
bring to the table.  Its okay to be
doing something other businesses are

Here’s the flip side: If you
don’t see anyone doing what you want to
do (in a profitable way), your idea may
not be viable.

* You only need to be “65% clear”
Don’t wait to have the perfect
understanding of what your clients

Once you have you’re about “65%
clear”, and you have a pretty good idea
of what your clients want, go out and
offer something.

Only in contact with
the marketplace will your understanding
of clients increase.

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