Internet Marketing – Facebook, Zuckerberg and privacy

Watching Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) in
front of the US Congress
caused many reporters to express alarm
at how our data is being manipulated.
Privacy has been continuously eroded
over the last  50 years, but does
the average citizen care, or not?
Facebook (FB) is a hunting ground for
IM and provides
an increasingly-accurate list of
potential buyers to the IM professional.
Most viewers were surprised at some of
details that FB is able to
collect and concerned that this
could be used for political ends.
Do they protect their privacy?
Zuckerberg was surprised to be asked to
share the name of his hotel to the public
and with whom he had been messaging.
Many FB users will have provided this
A friend announces his camping weekends
on FB. I asked him whether this alerted
burglars that his house is unoccupied
during that time.
UK car insurance provides a discount,
if the company
can measure your car’s every move,
speed and location.
Many take the discount and allow the
company to collect the information.
Do they know who has
access to this information?
Probably not.
UK supermarket, Tesco’s Club Card:
I read the application form. It
required much more information
than I was prepared to give.
There was enough information for
identity fraud.
The form did not say whether the
information would be limited to use
by Tesco, just tell us everything,
take the card and we can
use the information as we wish.
My latter two examples identify British
citizens exchanging privacy for
Most people sign up and sacrifice their
Many people are resigned to the fact
that their government has
increasing amounts of
information on them, so providing more
to private companies does not concern
Though I do not (yet!) use FB for my
IM, I do not rule out future use.
Privacy is disappearing quickly.
Reporters claim alarm, but
most citizens will do little
to save it.
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