Internet Marketing – Fight against SOS continues: managing your webinars

When I started learning about IM, I was
lucky to find a large number
of free webinars that increased my
knowledge and optimism of success.
I am grateful to those who provided them.
I still find knowledge in webinars, but
strictly limit the ones that I watch.
To fill your time with webinars is the
most damaging form
of Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS).
Buying products you do not use
costs money, but little time.
If finding time for IM
is a challenge,
webinars can be toxic.
We all need to gain basic knowledge of
IM when we start. Webinars serve this
purpose, but then it is time to be
Preparation for viewing a webinar
Google search, using the word ‘review
for the speaker and/or the name of the
, if you know it.
Check the first 3 pages,
especially pages 2+3, of
your search results, for the word
or similar word, or any problem
. If you find one, read it.
If you wish to continue, check the some
of the other reviews
to understand the product, know its
price and see if anybody is offering a
great discount and/or bonuses.
If you still want the product, it may
be worth watching the webinar, as the
webinar may offer a unique special deal
(discounts, bonus).
Before I learned to look at the
‘review’ page before the webinar,
I wasted a few hours on webinars that
were reported as ‘scams’
and a few more on products, or
services, that were about 3 times what
I was prepared to pay.
If I forget to check before, I check
during the webinar and often
stop watching as a result.
Enjoying the webinar
Webinars will normally last at least an
hour. They may be live, or recorded.
Most live webinars are set for US time
(the largest market).
If this is another time zone from yours
(mine is Moscow), or you are busy, you
will see the repeat.
I am used to this, can pause and repeat it,
so do not miss the live element.
They are always repeated. If there is
no sign of a repeat, contact the
‘support’ desk for details.
If it is not repeated, or available,
it was not worth seeing.
Michael Cheney – see his Commission
Machine 2017
Complete sales page, including a video
of Michael, here:
accelerates each repeat as an ‘Encore’,
which covers the material considerably
quicker, if you missed it live.
All webinars are produced to sell you
Exceptions are those provided within the
‘done-for-you’ services, such as
Dean Holland who runs Internet Profits:
and Devon Brown”s Web Copy Cat:
In these exceptional case, content is
provide from start to finish,
excluding their promotional work
So, expect 30-45 minutes of content,
then the sales pitch.
The latter will probably include a Q +
A session around the product.
If you do not want to buy it, switch
off when the pitch starts.
As you may have a day job and other
commitments, your IM time is precious.
John Thornhill identifies this issue in
his ebook
7 Key Elements, which explains
how to run your IM business highly
profitably and drive it forward
Read the sales page here:
Webinars drive us forward, if we
prepare for them and select only those
we need.
Otherwise, we allow them to
steal our time.
We will consider the next step in the
battle against SOS tomorrow.

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