Internet Marketing – Five signs we have reached peak Facebook – 3

Hamish McRae (UK)
In the past week, 9 per cent of
Facebook’s American users may have
cancelled their accounts over privacy
concerns, according to a survey by
Creative Strategies.
Apparently, 17 per cent have deleted
their Facebook app
from their phone, 11 per cent from
other devices, and the 9 per cent have
cancelled altogether.
We should wait until we get proper data
from the company itself, but the
episode raises the possibility that we
have hit Peak Facebook.
In other words,
have we reached the point that social
media fragments cease to play an ever
more prominent part in our lives?
So what are the things to look for that
will give a feeling for the future
shape of social media? Here are my
Third, when does the shift to online
retailing peter out?
If online retailing stops growing
or simply grows much more slowly
than in the past, the value of
social media advertising
It is a parallel trend to the
rise of social media but one that is
closely integrated with it.
The efficiency of online shopping
and the technology that enables
it: computers, phones provide
advantages that are likely to
increase online shopping
for sometime to come,
whilst retail finds tactics
to survive.
We have seen emails
destroy postal services.
Retail is facing a similar challenge.
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