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Gabor Hosszu: 
I’m beating procrastination,
here’s how!

We can procrastinate for numerous
reasons, but the results are
always the same.
We do nothing and achieve nothing.

We don’t even start and this sometimes
makes us feel guilty.

Chronic procrastination is something
that can stop you every
time, no matter how good your idea is
or how detailed your plans are.

What if I told you, you can
get rid of procrastination
with a simple shift of your focus?

The goal of this article is to
offer a powerful solution to eliminate
procrastination once and for all.

When we procrastinate we push a whole
task in front of us.
All the steps from start to finish are
compiled in one big ball that
some of us roll for eternity.

When we look at this ball and try to
deal with it, there’s a good chance we
will be intimidated by its size and

make the decision to just keep
pushing it.
But do we have to deal with thewhole task at once?
I got great news, you don’t have to.

You only have to do one
thing to eliminate procrastination and
that is starting.

Once you started, you are not
procrastinating anymore.

So, how about you focus only on starting
instead of the whole process?

Mountain climbing starts with
putting on your shoes,
washing the dishes starts with one
plate and writing an article
starts with turning on your computer.

Focus on the starting, not on the whole
process or the finish line.

After you start, it is easier to
keep on going. The same
happens in physics as it is harder to
move a still object than
keeping a moving object in motion.

So simple concept, yet so
This article explains
procrastinations’ biological point
of view perfectly, how the different
parts of the brain battle
each other and why this works.

Here’s a comparison of the two
different approaches to a task.
Eliminate procrastination with a simple
shift of focus.

How focusing on the whole process or
the results will lead to procrastination?
• Your focus is spread among the
different actions you
have to do.

A whole process is often a
big bite that can look scary.
The scarier it looks the
more resistance you’ll encounter.

• There are a lot of variables and this
causes uncertainty.
To face uncertainty with a positive
attitude you’ll need a
whole set of skills.

Lacking these
skills or not being confident
about them will generate resistance
that often leads to procrastination.

• You not only have to take more steps
but also have
to know the upcoming steps as well.
When it comes to
procrastination looking further ahead
will often make the
tasks look less appealing.

• More work. Even the term more work
can cause a mental
obstacle that we often don’t have the
motivation to face.

• Pinpoint focus. You only have one
thing on your mind
and that is to start working.
You don’t have to think about
upcoming steps or obstacles, just one
thing: to start as fast as you can with

the highest momentum possible.

• Fewer variables, less uncertainty.
Since you are focusing
only on one thing, there will fewer
factors that can cause

In ideal cases, you only
have to deal with one
variable and that is you.
• You only have to take the first step.
It is in your focus of
attentions. Take the first step and let
the rest follow.
• Less work is always appealing so it
is met with less resistance.
Less resistance equals less chance of
Once you started, you are not
procrastinating anymore.
Focus on starting instead of the whole process.

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