Internet Marketing – How is the campaign going?

From Michael Cheney’s
Commissionology campaign
headquarters (Thursday)
Message to affiliates
1 John Thornhill & Dave Nicholson <==
2 Bryan Winters and Patric Chan <==
3 Joel Therien <== WAKING
4 Ben Martin, Anji Long & Brendan Mace
5 Eric Holmlund <== GAINING
6 Moshfiqul Bari <== RISING
7 Mike From Maine <== HOLDING
8 TimTech <== HOLDING
9 Omar & Melinda Martin <== RE-GROUPING
10 Memeplex Limited <== NEW ENTRY
Just 26 sales separate #1 from #5
The lesson here?
Oh we’re up to 549 funnel sales too 😉
Lifestylers vs. Hustlers fight
to the death…
You see it all the time on Facebook;
“Im hustling, grinding and
pumping 24-7 man!”
These are the Hustlers.
They never stop working.
They want world domination
and a bajillion dollars no matter
what the price or sacrifice.
Then on the other side of the
fence you see this;
“I just made a few hundred
dollars while surfing. Gotta
love the internet lifestyle.”
These are the Lifestylers.
They want to make enough money
to sustain their cool lifestyle but
they don’t want an office, staff or
a bajillion dollars.
I’m a Lifestyler – how about you?
If you want to make super-good
money which pays off your mortgage,
buys you all the holidays and toys
you want, but doesn’t cost you your
life, nor all your free time then
listen up;
Normally you have to adopt
the Hustler work ethic first to
actually achieve Lifestyler status.
But not any more.
You can shortcut to be a super-rich
super affiliate just by doing this;
Click here:
Cheney out.
Click here:
is this week’s top seller and comprises
complete emails, with a licence to copy
and paste them, then sell, sell, sell!.
All of his future
emails are included in the deal.
My mentor, John Thornhill, top of the
leader board above,
reports making more than $80,000 this
year, just from copying and pasting
Michaels’ emails.
Commissionology is a complete budget
version of the same material included
in Michael Cheney’s 7 Figure Franchise,

which we reviewed earlier.
Click here:
7-Figure Franchise with Michael Cheney
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7-Figure Franchise with Michael Cheney
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Please ask your friends to sign up for
this letter at
Thank you.

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