Internet Marketing- How To Avoid The Tyre-Kickers and PITA Clients -1

Mark Wickersham:The Value Pricing System

Do you ever go out to meet a new
potential client and during the meeting
you start to realise they are just a
tyre-kicker, they just want the
cheapest – those clients are a pain.

My American students call them PITA
clients (see if you can work out what
that stands for).

When I started my accounting firm back
in 1996, probably about half the
meetings I went to were a waste of my

Our time is precious. Not Every Client
Is a Good Client. So, how do we deal
with these time wasters?

I’m going to share with you 3
strategies for avoiding tyre-kickers
and PITA clients…

#1 – Positioning

Think about your website. Think about
the wording on your website.

What is the message?

Have you made it
clear who your ideal client is?

Or, like most accounting professionals,
does the message say that you are
available to everyone and anyone?

If your website positioning is designed
to attract absolutely anyone, then that
is exactly who you are going to get.

Many of those people will be complete
time wasters.

You need to be really clear who the
right type of client is for your
, and who the wrong type is.

You need to display this on your
website so that the right type of
client becomes more interested, whilst
the wrong type is put off and goes to
look for a cheap price somewhere else.

If you only like to work with
businesses that have a

turnover of £1million,

make that really clear,
otherwise the local corner shop with a
turnover of £100,000 will contact you
too and waste your time.

To be continued…

The Value Pricing System

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