Internet Marketing- How To Avoid The Tyre-Kickers and PITA Clients -2

Mark Wickersham:The Value Pricing System

Do you ever go out to meet a new
potential client and during the meeting
you start to realise they are just a
tyre-kicker, they just want the
cheapest – those clients are a pain.

My American students call them PITA
clients (see if you can work out what
that stands for).

When I started my accounting firm back
in 1996, probably about half the
meetings I went to were a waste of my

Our time is precious. Not Every Client
Is a Good Client. So, how do we deal
with these time wasters?

I’m going to share with you 3
strategies for avoiding tyre-kickers
and PITA clients…

#2 – Customer Intake Form

If someone goes to your website, likes
what they see and wants to book a
meeting with you
, one of the things you
can do is ask them to first fill out a
customer intake form.

In this form, you can ask a series of
questions to determine if this client
is actually right for you, or if they
will just be another time waster.

You can embed this form on your
website, or send them to a programme
like SurveyMonkey once they fill out
their contact details on your ‘Contact
Us’ page.

The questions will help you to decide
whether you want to meet with this

If, again, you only like to work with
people with a turnover of £1 million or
more, one of the questions may be:

“What is the annual turnover of your
If someone does not meet your criteria,
you can politely decline their request
for a meeting and save yourself the
time. .

To be continued…

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