Internet Marketing – How to lose clients. Or, what NOT to do! -2

Mark Wickersham (UK):

I did a lot of marketing
and saw a lot of potential clients,
often impressing the heck out of them
with my background in tax planning and
all the ideas I came up with, at the
end of the meeting, having done all the
hard work, I’d blow it.

They’d say,
“Mark, this sounds brilliant. We want
to work with you.

How much will it
cost?” And I’d reply – and this is the
big mistake I want you to avoid – “Hmm,
I don’t know.

Let me think about it and
send you a proposal through the post.”

And what happened, more often than not?
What happened was I rarely heard from
them again.
What’s the first thing you look for in
a quote?
I’d like you to think for a moment
about the last time you received a
quote by post or email – perhaps when
you asked a local gardener or decorator
to do some work for you. Where did the
price appear?
I’m guessing that it was
at the bottom of the page. And what was
the first thing you looked for?
Guessing again, I imagine it was the
And that’s exactly what your
prospective clients do.
They get your proposal and the
first thing they look for is the price.
And when they see the
price, without any context
, they make
an instant judgement about how big it
And nine times out of ten, it’s:
“Ouch. That’s more than I was
Avoid that “game over” situation
The trouble is, because you’re no
longer with them you can’t deal with
any objections.
You’ve lost control of
the process and the chances are you
won’t hear from them again.
If they’ve
got an existing accountant or
bookkeeper, they’ll probably say to
“I’ve had this through the post.
Can you beat it?” Which is the end of
the game for you.
So to reiterate: please never, ever
send a proposal through the post –
unless it’s to confirm what you’ve
already agreed and signed in your

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