Internet Marketing -How to properly build scope into your price – 2

Mark Wickersham (UK):
The Value Pricing System
How to properly build scope into your
price so you never make a loss!

What are the questions we should ask?

Every service is different. 

For bookkeeping we might ask how many
transactions there are in a month.

Clearly, the more transactions, the
more scope and the higher the price
should be.

But it’s not just transactions that
impact on the scope of the work. There
will be other factors too. For example
the number of bank accounts.

You could have two businesses both with
the same number of transactions, but
one uses one bank account whilst the
other uses 10.

I’d say you’ve got more
reconciliations to do, so the amount of
bank accounts might have an impact on
your price.
The type of industry the client is in

might make a difference to the price.

You might want to increase or reduce
the price for a certain industry,
profession or trade because of certain
complexities they might have.

How many credit cards do they have?

Do they have overseas transactions?

Are they registered for sales tax?
To be continued…..

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