Internet Marketing -How to properly build scope into your price – 3

Mark Wickersham (UK):
The Value Pricing System
How to properly build scope into your
price so you never make a loss!

The starting point is to come up with a
list of all the things that could
impact on scope.

Once you’ve figured
that out you attach a price to those

Build your price up based on
the scope of the work.

When you’ve done that, you can test it.

Run the system through a few clients.

Cloud Pricing is a great tool for doing

Once you’ve got your system in place
for coming up with a price based on the
scope of the work, just run it past a
few existing clients to see if the
pricing is right.

Test it and change it until it’s

coming out about right every time.

You must remember that you are not
trying to get exactly the same profit
margin on every single client.

You’ll always have some clients that

are more profitable than others.
We are figuring out the scope questions
to give as a great approximation for
what the price should be.

the job will be easier or harder, put
we can’t predict everything.

We just have to give our best guess.

To be continued…..
Those links again:
The Value Pricing System

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