Internet Marketing (‘IM’) Mentoring

Internet Marketing (‘IM’) Mentoring


I stumbled upon IM when I was looking
at accelerated learning techniques and
realised that there was a lot of free
and cheap training about IM and a big
global market offering opportunities.

My limited technical skills led me to
limit my horizons to ‘done for you’
services, until John Thornhill came
into my life.

Previously a humble worker (human
robot, as he says) in a car factory in
the north of England, John started his
website business by selling physical
products on Ebay.

He has moved on to $millions by selling
IM products, courses and services.

Courses start with building your site,
through sequential short videos.

His offer is to train you to create
your own products within 3 months and
earn your current salary online within
one year (to quit your job if you

My course provides material for
a year. Can you build a successful,
sustainable business in less time?

I raced through material last summer,
then slowed as I hit peak season at
work and I had a few business problems
(unrelated to John!).

Every business has problems!

All the top earners create their own
products, though you can earn $100,000
or more just as an affiliate without

His pitch included: ‘You can pay me
$25,000 to create a site and a campaign
for you and you will probably make a

Though what will you have
learned as a result?’

If you want to take your business
forward, find a winning formula, repeat
and automate it, do you have the money
to subcontract everything?

Creating your own products will bring
affiliates to you who will sell for

The clincher is his undertaking: ‘I
will teach you create the product(s).

Then, I will have all my affiliates
promote it to their client lists and
promote it to mine’.

Take his free 4 part video training on
the dropdown menu here:

Let him convince you that you can
create your own products
and earn his support for your business.

Almost forgot: John trained Omar Martin
(see earlier letters) who now makes
even more $millions than John.


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