Internet Marketing (‘IM’) – Non-physical goods and good commissions

Many people start an online business
selling physical goods on Ebay, Amazon
or just on their site.

This needs buying, storing and
delivering physical goods. Also, your
market is limited to where you can

Internet Marketing (‘IM’) comprises
electronic goods (E-books, videos,
training materials) that can be sold
and delivered electronically to
anywhere in the world.

When you downloaded my IFRS books,
there was no additional cost to me.

I have an initial creation cost, the cost
of running my website and an
autoresponder, which collected your
name and email address and sends you
this letter.

A million downloads will cost me
nothing except for an increased
autoresponder cost – more names, more

I do NOT have to buy, store or
physically deliver anything.

You can create your own products and/or
sell those of others as an agent, know
as an ‘affiliate’.

Most start as an affiliate.

Many make enough money doing
this without creating their own product.

The affiliate commissions are generally

For example, the product creator
creates a new product and tells all
his/her contacts on his/her list.

Then, you offer to become an affiliate. You
promote the product to your list.

All the sales that you generate, are
extra income for the creator, without
any cost (see above).

So, 50% commission leaves the creator with

50% of the profits you generated.
There is a vast range to niches in
which to operate, from dog training,
accountancy, travel and so on.

You can choose one, or more, in which to work.

The 3 largest are: health and fitness,
dating and relationships and making
money online.

I have chosen making
money online, as it is the largest and
has the most training available.

Yesterday, I mentioned Omar and Melinda
Martin’s excellent course of 4 2-hour
webinars and recommended that you will
learn a lot about IM just from the
promotional video (no commitment to

IM prices increase on Sundays (and
bonuses are removed) as the campaigns

We will explore why in a later note. So
enjoy Omar’s informative presentation
before it has gone

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