Internet Marketing – Is this making you dumb?

Over the last few years there have been
more and more studies into how

mobile phones affect people.

And the results are alarming.

This study in Social Psychology,
examined how just the
“mere presence” of a cell phone—even
when it is not being USED—
influences people’s performance on
complex mental tasks.

In the study, the participants were
asked to quickly scan a
row of digits and cross out consecutive
numbers that add
to a pre-specified total (for example,
any two numbers that total 3).

Before they started, half of
participants were asked to put
away their phones.

The other half were
asked to place their
phones on their desk, so they could
answer a few survey
questions about its features.

Not a single cell phone went off during
the experiment.

Yet compared to those whose phones

were out of view,
participants whose phones sat on their
desk performed nearly 20% worse.

So how come just the presence of a
silent phone has such an affect?

It could be that years of using cell
phones has conditioned
us to anticipate new messages.

Even if the phone sits perfectly still,
just having it in our
peripheral vision tempts us to split
our attention, leaving less
mental firepower for our work.

Just putting your phone out of the way
increases your intelligence.So…

No television. No music. No social
media in the back ground etc…

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