Internet Marketing – Know, like and trust! – 3

Your most valuable asset is your list of
names and email addresses.
You should be constantly building it.
These are the people to
whom you will present your offers.
You need an autoresponder,
such as AWeber, to
manage your list
and provide back-ups.
(You can also take back-ups.)
You should
never trust your list
to a cheap autoresponder.
The autoresponder allows you
to build a large number of lists,
though you will start with one or two.
(I have a second list
for Russian contacts.)
Omar Martin’s IM Clinic
has a lot of material about
list management.
Check it out here:
The next reason for an
sending large numbers of emails.
I had problems with both
AOL and Gmail,
when I sent multiple emails
announcing publication of my
accounting books, as
I was breaching their
anti-spam rules.
I agreed with AOL a
number and frequency
only to have it changed
next year, without telling me.
Your email account will
be blocked (so always
have a second email account).
Your site will have WordPress,
or you can install it free
without cost).
In WordPress,
you can create email accounts
linked to 
your domain (site) name.
You can link this account to
other accounts of yours.
For some reason, GMail and
others prefer these accounts
and reward them with higher
delivery rates
(less letters bounced).
So, I set up the account from which
you received this email
Any emails to and from that address
are collected on my site.
Any replies are automatically
copied to my main email address,
hich saves me checking
both addresses.
All my emails are in one place.

To be continued

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