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Offline Webinar Formula 2.0
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Anthony Flatt:

Does this sound familiar?

Get as many
people on the webinars possible.

Hundreds if not thousands.

Give them
some level of content, probably
something you got out of a PLR that you
downloaded for free off the Internet
and then at the end give them that big
power close with all the value
stacking, and all the things that
you’re going to provide to them that
makes it an overwhelming value. 

Here are some reasons why that doesn’t

One, you don’t need thousands and
thousands of people on your webinar.

You need hundreds of buyers, not
thousands of Freebie seekers and people
who aren’t your target market, people
who don’t want to buy the products and
services you’re selling. 

The second reason this doesn’t work is
that from the minute your prospective
customer gets on the Webinar, they’re
expecting you to try to sell them

So they’ve already built up
a resistance to wanting to buy from you
that you have to overcome.

They’re on your Webinar just waiting

for the opportunity to say, Yep,see I told you so.

This guy’s trying to hustle me just
like all the rest. 

The third reason this doesn’t work is
that most people when it comes time to
do this big power close, they feel

They feel like a sales weasel.

They don’t want to push this customer
into buying from them, and that’s
because they haven’t established trust
with the customer.

They haven’t gotten those potential

customers to know,
like, and trust them.

So it feels very
uncomfortable, and that comes through
in the presentation when they’re trying
to power close somebody on something
they are not even convinced of. 

What if you didn’t have to do any of
those things? 

What if you don’t have to have
thousands of people on your Webinar? 

To be continued….
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