Internet Marketing – Lessons Learned from 7 Years of Working Online – 2

Noel Cunningham (Ireland):
Do Not Follow the Crowd

I’m not a big tv guy but I really love
listening to audiobooks and podcasts.

I’ll listen to pretty much anything but
I especially like listening to books
from big business leaders and
entrepreneurs that I can look up to.

I never fail to pick up a gold nugget
or two in each book and they are a
great way to keep motivated when times
get tough.

One piece of advice I have heard
repeated in countless of these books is
that You Must Not Follow the Crowd…

This is so true in our Online World
because most people are not making a
good living at it, no matter what they
post on FB.

Often the reality is a lot
different to what their social media
presence would suggest.

And the majority of people never make
it online. It’s just the sad truth of
the matter.

But how do you get ahead? And do so

You need to start thinking outside the
box and do things differently to what
the masses are doing.

So if you see everyone is jumping on a
certain craze don’t immediately jump
onboard because these kind of fads
usually burn out fast.

Look for your own path and don’t worry
about competing with others.

You’ll be surprised by the ideas you
will come up with and then you’ll be
able to dominate your own space.

This is something I’ve played around
with a lot in recent years and I have
seen a massive spike in my results so I
know it’s solid advice for you to take
on board.

John Thornhill

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