Internet Marketing – Lessons Learned from 7 Years of Working Online – 3

Noel Cunningham (Ireland):
Find a Good Mentor

Being able to work and learn under a
Mentor is the best way I know for
getting where you want to go in the
shortest space of time.

After a lot of research I found my
first and only Mentor back in 2012 and
I’m still with the same person today.

He never puts me wrong, always give me
great advice and are a great support
when I need to bounce ideas off someone
and get an honest opinion.

The real test here is to find the right
person, the right Mentor who can help
you the most.

I know when I found my Mentor I did a
lot of research online and had 3 guys
on my shortlist.

I ended up choosing the one I have
because he comes from a similar
background to myself and I could relate
to him better than the other 2 guys who
were great, but a bit too flashy for my

So it’s definitely worth taking your
time and finding the right person for
you because you will be working with
them closely so it’s important you have
a good relationship and something in

This is that mentor:
John Thornhillfree webinars:

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