Internet Marketing – Making your first video – 6

Sheryl Bernstein Coaching ©2019 

5. If you make a mistake,don’t panic, or
think you’re an idiot….

because really, you can just keep going. With a little
forethought, you can save what you’ve
already done, and pickup from there.

Editing is magic. Here’s what to do:

If you do make a mistake,
and want to save what you’ve already
done, just stop, compose yourself, and
give yourself a few beats before you
start speaking again to have room to

Begin from a still place, not
moving, so there’s no jerky cut action. 

And try
to be in the same spot and position as
you were before you made the mistake. 

Also,repeat the last sentence you said
before the mistake. 

That way you might be able
to edit on a breath, an inhale in the
middle of those 2 sentences. 

Looks very natural that way. But don’t worry if
you can’t manage an edit like that, mid
sentence. It will still work. 

Really, messing up is just part of it. I should put together a reel of
all the mistakes, false starts, and word
errors I’ve done.

Pretty funny. 

To be continued

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