Internet Marketing – Making your first video – 9

Sheryl Bernstein Coaching ©20198.

The Sound of Silence. 

Sometimes you
won’t even notice the noise that’s
going on around you until you watch

I’ve experienced a plethora of
sounds, including but not limited to: a
plane overhead, the little dog next
door barking, the ice cream truck going

down the street

(playing Christmas Carols in July),

a motorcycle, a siren, the phone
ringing in the other room, followed by
my chirpy outgoing greeting, followed
by the caller leaving a long message, a
car screeching by with the bass set to
atomic, a pedestrian having a lively
cellphone conversation, birds,
helicopters, a drone, the mail man, my
computer getting a message ring. 

Be aware of your surround sound.

And set all your other phones to

Big tip (that I learned the hard way): 

Put your cell phone on Do Not Disturb
airplane mode before you do a facebook
live. If your phone rings while you’re
live, it really ruins it. To be continued

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