Internet Marketing – Miracle Product?

The plugin’s supposed features:
    Easy to install and use: I agree
with this. The plugin is beginner friendly
and isn’t very complicated to
understand and use.
    Hijack the authority of any site
within minutes
: I don’t understand why
this is even listed among the features
at all.
Did they forget to add this
function in the plugin? I’m confused
because no part of the plugin actually
does anything like this….unless of
course, there’s some magic in the
    Monetize any website you want:
This is another example of ridiculous
false promoting.
You can’t get your affiliate links on
Amazon or CNN.
The plugin certainly cannot help
you do that, so why are they lying?
    Get free viral traffic: Another lie.
Miracle Product is a popup plugin. It
does not bring traffic to your site.
All it does is try to influence the
decisions of people that are already on
your site.
    Boost your sales: I agree with this
one. In my experience, popup signup
forms tend to convert better than
static signup forms. This plugin, like
any other popup plugin, should help
improve your sales and leads.
    Easy to customize: I agree with this
one as well.

    I don’t really mind a program having
upsells if the program and the upsells
offer real value.
Real value, in this case, means the
program doing exactly what it’s
promoted to do – which
Miracle Product clearly doesn’t!
    Final Thoughts
    I couldn’t find a refund policy on
their website but my hunch is they will
try to get you to get all the upsells
before they give you a refund. I can’t
say this definitely but I know this is
what a lot of programs do.
    I don’t even mind them charging
money for a popup plugin. However,
I have a problem with them claiming
the plugin has features it clearly
does not have.
This kind of false promotion is
unethical and fraudulent.
As this review indicates, if it seems
too good to be true….
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