Internet Marketing – Monetise a product you cannot sell. Part 1

The product is 50 accounting workbooks
in both English and Russian.
They are now found on
(English) and
From 2003-9, I worked at
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in
Moscow on European Union
projects in the Ministry of Finance
and Bank of Russia
(Central Bank).
Part of my work was writing
50 accounting workbooks, which
were translated into Russian and then
published on the project website,
attracting more than one million
The books used the IFRS (International
Financial Reporting Standards) being
adopted globally and were crucial, as
there was not an official Russian
translation of IFRS at that time.
When the projects ended in 2009, the
global economy was not supporting
further projects, so I had to find
alternative employment.
Many foreign (non-Russian)
companies were replacing
foreign staff with local staff (who
were cheaper) and the latter have
proved that they have been capable of
the promotions.
Also, some foreign companies left
Russia, while few new companies
replaced them. Facing a drop in income
from my project days, and no business
employment on the horizon, I turned to
training as my next career move.
The third edition of my accounting
books had been published as I left PwC,
so I could identify them as my work to
potential employers. Within a year,
they were out of date,
as new standards
were introduced into IFRS.
The European Union had copyright, which
forbade sales of the books. To update
them, I would have the cost and zero
revenue for my work.
This helped me, as PwC had
no interest in regularly updating
50 books for no income.
PwC and The European Union
gave me the books to control.
For the first time in my life, I had a
unique asset
– the best IFRS workbooks
in Russian (and little competition in
Unique, as nobody else would do
this amount of work and give it away
free of charge.
They were out of date and
my problem was to find help
translating the Russian books.
Having just moved into a
new flat and no longer working
constantly, my finances were not
A former colleague was interested in
helping me with the Russian version and
his university was going to host the
books on its site
, but for some reason
(still not clear today) he broke
contact and went silent.
It wasted months and his university
had a reorganisation,
so I had also lost my
intended host site.
Back to the drawing board!
If you are celebrating May Day,
enjoy the occasion!
To be continued……
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