Internet Marketing – Money Wasted – Don’t Bother!

Today, a product review from IM expert,
Randy Smith:
‘One thing we have done is stopped all
testing of Leadserve!
I have been meaning to update you guys,
and figured a Saturday email would reach
more of you, as we always get the
highest open rates.
In a nutshell –
subscribers from their traffic,
and you can get them for just 40 cents
per subscriber
(not per click, but actual optin!)
That sounded great…
So we invested a few hundred dollars
into it.
Sure enough – they did deliver on their
What a WASTE of CASH!
Of the 1000 new subscribers we have,
only 15% even open
the email to get their freebie
, and
hardly any bothered to click to see
the follow up freebies we used to try
and get them engaged!
With just a 1% or less clickthrough
And of course – NONE bought any offer
after the initial freebies.
So all in all – This is a warning NOT
to Waste Your Cash!
The quality or targeting of the leads
just doesn’t make it worthwhile AT ALL,
and is simply an exercise in
creating offers, emails, and wasting
cash to populate the autoresponder
with people who don’t even bother to
grab the freebie they signed up for!
So the verdict is a DEFINITE – Leave
Leadserve Alone!
(I hope our wasted cash saves you from
wasting yours!)’
Randy works with John Thornhill and
owns MediKettle with Simon Phillips,
Randy covering marketing, Simon being
the technical expert.
1.  Randy knows that more people open
his emails on Saturday. Open rates
are reported on your autoresponder.
2. The product promised subscribers.
From them, buyers were expected.
3. He paid for traffic, secured 1,000
new subscribers for $400.
4. He offered a free gift to introduce
himself to the new subscribers.
5. Only 15% actually opened the email.
6. Less than 1% clicked the link to the
free gift.
7. None bought any offer after the free

All IM sellers would like everybody to
buy. As many do not, we search for
those who will buy.
A free gift is offered in return for them
to sign up, then offers are made.
As Randy wrote, many of these
folks did not even collect the free gift that
they had said they wanted.
The product provided contacts, but not
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