Internet Marketing – More Exposure?

If you want your work to appear in a
business journal, it is usually
simple to do. They will
welcome new material.
Most will not pay you.
In 2010, I needed a new home for my
IFRS books.
Also, I needed to notify my readers
where to find them. My list was small.
ALWAYS BUILD YOUR LIST!, Russia’s leading site for
bank accountants kindly provided
me with a home for the books.
I promoted them through the site,
courses and built up
my list through LinkedIn.
Also, I published an article on its site.
Last year, my host had a reorganization
and I decided that it was time
to set up my own site for the books.
So, the main purpose for being
published externally was to reach a
larger audience.
Unlike my host, publishers can also be
at least 3 Russian internet magazines
have asked me for articles recently.
Writing books, I rarely write articles,
but I know the best accounting writer
as a good friend and collaborator:
Silvia at IFRSbox.
If you are in finance and not on her
FREE list (shame on you!):
Click the link above and sign up NOW!
Silvia graciously agreed to provide the
journals with some of her most popular
articles, without charge, as a goodwill gesture.
So all the magazines had to do was to
translate them and they would have top
international articles to lead their next editions.
Too much work! None of the three could
be bothered to translate them: their loss!
So, if you want the prestige and/or
the audience offered by a magazine, an
article or two is worthwhile.
The alternative is to build your own
professional list and publish articles

yourself on your own site.

To be continued……
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