Internet Marketing – Nightmare!

Loading files onto a website can be
done by a novice.
FileZilla (FZ) is one of the tools that
is both free and easy to use.
On Thursday evening,
I was loading a file onto
a new page of my site:
and had a problem.
Creating a new page uses WordPress,
which needs no code, just clicks.
The problem was that my new page
copied a photo and other information
from other pages.
I could not load my new program, as it
needed a new page.
FZ takes the file from your computer,
for example your desk top,
and transfers it to the ‘Remote Site’,
which is your site.
I had specified the page for ‘Remote
Site’ several times while I was
attempting to transfer the file
– did not work.
So, I saw a number of files on ‘Remote
Site’ that were the photo etc.
Why not delete them on FZ?
So I covered them with the cursor,
pressed delete.
Files started to delete, but instead of
just for couple of seconds,
the deletions continued. 
I saw that ‘Remote Site’ no longer had
a specified page.
FZ was deleting all the files it could
A few seconds later, I clicked
‘Cancel’, but the damage was done.
I could access my site’s dashboard, but
only parts of it.
Had I destroyed a year’s work with one
My other site, was
also not working,
though it had been switched off when I
was working on the other site.
I still do not understand why this was
damaged, but it clearly was.
So, I was totally in the hands of my
host, D9: Click here:
as to the survival of my sites.
Less than 45 minutes later, D9 had
resolved it
 and even loaded the file
which I had failed to install.
I have written to the directors to
express my appreciation
of the excellent service
Click here:
Lessons for me
Back up of my sites is close to
priceless and I have never been
tempted to use a cheaper host.
FZ is very helpful, but each step has
to be taken slowly and check the ‘Remote
Site’ box for every transaction.
Avoid deletions using FZ, whenever
What are F.I.G.S?
We will be discussing this IM marketing
approach in the coming days.
This is covered in much more depth in:
Omar’s IM Clinic
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the promotional
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Thank you.

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