Internet Marketing – On the road to Value Pricing – 2

The Value Pricing System
Back story:
Three years ago, one of my former
students was working at a top Moscow
lawyer firm.

The firm wanted to produce more legal
articles in English for potential clients.
They wanted the English to be of
native-speaker standard.

Interested, a lawyer asked how much we
charged an hour
for translations.

Olga charges for each symbol, for
example, the number of letters and spaces.

She does not charge an hourly rate.
Olga asked me how to reply to

‘how much we charged an hour?’

We ignored the question and explained
our system.
We identified that our
client can calculate our price before
even sending us any work and
can confirm the price on receipt.

The client this week said
how much he liked our pricing system. 

Read on:

The Lawyer offered us some work, for

presentation in court,which also involved 

Olga making a personal visit to the notary.
Olga and I priced it and sent it to the lawyer.

The lawyer sent our quote to the client.Then, nothing!

After a week, we found that the client was

expecting to pay about 15% of the price we had quoted.
We think the client did the translation himself,

as nobody would quote that low for the

required quality.

We were upset to start a relationship with

our new lawyer. We considered the

Value Pricing lessons learned from Mark.
Our key disadvantage is that we deal with

the lawyer, but his client made the decision.

We were not able to explain our value

before disclosing the price, nor negotiate.
Though, this was a client that Mark would

describe as unwilling, or unable, to pay

a realistic price for our services. 

In the future, if the lawyer can decide on

his client’s behalf, we can deal directly with

him and demonstrate our value.
If not, we will continue to offer excellent value

for money to those who need our quality

and can afford to pay for it. 
‘Specialise in what you excel’ is another point

made by Mark. We do. It will mean turning

away business, which is painful.
In this case, there would have been no

money after the notary fees,so nothing was lost. 
Our next step will be cost-effective promotion.

If you need native-English or Russian
proofreading or translations,
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