Internet Marketing – One blog or two?

You have received your FREE super website.
If not, it is still available here:
Once it has your URL (www…) and a host
(to house it), you can communicate with the
world and start your IM business.
You go to your WORDPRESS dashboard,
click POSTS, click ADD NEW and start
writing. Then,
Your blog is born!
If your work has not been published
before, a blog is the place to start. It is
private, until you attract millions of readers.
You can edit and delete as you wish.
You decide the topics,
length and posting frequency.
All mentors will tell you to start a
blog, even Dean Holland said that writing a
blog turned his business (and finances)
Dean is probably the leading IM
businessman in the UK.
This free video gives you the chance to
learn from the master.
Click here:
While you still have the day job, I suggest 
that you decide whether your site will
be for IM, or for your day job.
When you have gained confidence with
the first one, download a second
website (see above).
I had my day-job site set up for me
for $200 and set up my IM site myself.
We will discuss the need for a day-job
site in a later post.
The site you download can be changed
as you wish.
You can introduce any new pages.
Unwanted pages can be deleted,
or just removed from the menu
(found in Wordpress APPEARANCE),
so they will not appear to readers.
Pages can be exported to another site.
Your day-job blog and pages can be
used for your work and ideas for that
function, in which you probably have
more experience than in IM.
For your IM blog, just write about your
IM journey. If you are working alone in
IM, writing helps clarify your problems
and solutions, as well as motivating
those who come behind you.
They will see that building an IM
business has unexpected challenges
and frustrations, just like any business
and may be able to help you.
You will ceratinly help them.
To be continued……

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